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About me

Aaron Mason - Recording Sample Reel


I’m a musician first and foremost. Performance is everything to me, and without a great one we may as well pack it in.  I do whatever it takes to facilitate a genuine and passionate performance.  That means for bands, I always recommend that they play together in the same room, making sure they feel “at home” in any given space.  My job is not to change an artist while they’re in the studio, but to help them unleash their most inspired performance and aid them toward a memorable experience. 

 There are no rules when making music. When they are forced upon me, I usually want to break them.  It’s not worth it unless I’m at least a “little scared” about what we’re doing.  Yes, you could call me an Audio Engineer, but you have no choice but to call me a musician because I simply love making music with people.

Pricing: Recording / Mixing / Producing starting at $70 per hour. Project pricing available per request.

Studio Consultant


Guitar / Bass / Recording / Mixing

I started playing guitar around the age of 9, taking lessons at a local music store. My teacher taught songs like Mary Had a Little Lamb, but I wanted to play Led Zeppelin.  I quickly got bored and gave it up.  By the age of 11, I started frequently picking up my dad’s guitar and trying to learn on my own.  Eventually, I began taking lessons with a new teacher willing to teach me whatever I wanted to learn, and never looked back (for too long). 

This taught me about the difference between teaching and nurturing, that there is more than one route to playing and learning music.  Rock is not Classical and doesn’t need to be approached the same.  

I have been providing Private Guitar Instruction off and on for almost 20 years. Teaching lessons for all ages, 6yrs to adults. I’ve been a guitar instructor at McLean School of Music, Contemporary Music Center, including CMC’s Rock Camp 2.0 [pictured], where I developed Rock Camp Primer Lessons, an introduction to mentoring.  I provide group and private lessons in various settings, including virtual options.

Pricing: Lessons starting at $150 per month, once a week for 25 minutes over Zoom.  


Recording in unique locations such as a barn full of hay.